Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bloggings Great @ Libraries!

O.K….I guess it’s time for me to make a confession…
I sneak in your library sometimes just as you are closing the door for the night. Being a very neat kit, you’ve never seen signs of my presence.

I have explored your books and find it interesting to see which were borrowed by people with pets.

I have also explored the electronic world (thank you to those who leave their computers on at night).

That’s when I saw you were inviting writers to create a blog. Since it didn’t say the author had to have only two legs and an opposable thumb, I thought I’d give it a try!

And if I can blog and share my feline insights on living happier- I am sure two legs would be great at it too. You never know when the cat next door might have just the right piece of information to make your plan complete.

Blogging seems to be just a high tech way of sharing- with a greatly expanded group.

It’s the cat’s meow if you ask me!!


Auntie Hanna said...


Auntie Hanna and I, Oona Bucket, Hanna's dark haired tuxedo cat, think you are the tops! I must say, that I doubley look forward to tapping on keys now that I actually have a destination to visit online! Taps to you soon!
Oona Bucket

p.s. You might know of my grandmother,Mirow Bucket, she inspired Hettie Winthrop's portrayal of Hyacinth Bucket, pronounced Bouqet, of Keeping Up Appearances. We love to laugh at her antics!

Anonymous said...


I've been waiting to find a furry friend out there in Blog land. I get to spend all my days at the library; shifting through books, hanging out on the computer, and now working on this blog. Life is good. Stop by and see some time!