Monday, May 19, 2008

Technology, Toes and Tails

I love the computer.
With it I am Bast- the Egyptian Cat Goddess.
I can know all, find all and post all.

I can do it enthusiastically with my toe or ever so delicately with my claw.

The world is mine- I am everywhere at once.
With the computer I am the greatest cat that ever lived.
Majick from the tip of my nose to the tuft at the end of my tail.
Ya gotta love this 21st century stuff!

1 comment:

Auntie Hanna said...

No kidding, Majick, you and I are kindred spirits! (Actually I love kidding around!)

You know that we both know Egyptian girls who worship Bast-"mao-mao". That's what Auntie H has called us since she first met Bast's healing paws, while she was seeking wisdom as a child.

I wouldn't be surprised if you and I knew some of the same sagacious mastercats of PBC.

Have a sweetly aromatic day and always remember to support the clans! (We think Firestar and Greypaw are Grand Masters and we love the Warrior's series- :) heh mew!)

Sending you good energie~
Oona Bucket