Monday, June 9, 2008

A Cat Peers into the Future

I do have a crystal ball (but refuse to wear those silly wizard hats) but even with that I can only guess and say what I would like to see tomorrow shake out to be library wise.

Technology is great and important to have available as so many get their info that way. But books can never be tossed out as irrelevent.

Lets face it, you can't take a laptop out under a tree or to the beach (OK,OK you can, but it aint the same) You can't read to a child from a laptop (hey honey, I'll read the words and you hit the next button) Looses something in translation, doesn't it?

The tactile sensations of a book, the way it smells, the texture of the paper and cover. the illustrations you can refer back to and study (and if you own it you can make notes or add your felines to the pages)

Books are majickal.

Books are important things.

I hope libraries increase their technology to meet patron demands,
but may they always showcase books
- those tomes of knowledge and entertainment-
so we never forget how important they are to who we are.

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Auntie Hanna said...

bProspero Oh Great Books!