Friday, June 27, 2008

One Adventure Ends...Another Begins

This has been a great adventure.
Not only can I create actively in the human world, I can go far beyond my physical boundries and be anywhere and everywhere.

Here's my take on this last part:

I've tapped into YouTube before but did more with it because of this project.
It is great for checking out fun stuff like cat videos and cool music....but its also a great resource for information when you're trying to learn more about history and events.
(Did you know cats were considered Gods in Ancient Egypt?
With all humility I believe we still are.)

I found Podcast Alley and had to stroll down it.
Such strange and wonderful audio experiences I found!
You can listen to a cat purr (good for soothing upset creatures), hear humans talk on and on about stuff they are expert in and stuff they know nothing about.
What technical wizardry!
Anyone can podcast!
I did learn one amazing fact- in Toyko there is a cafe where the customers can interact with the resident cats. (litter boxes are discretely hidden). Local laws don't allow pets to live with people in many of the residential areas so they come to the cafe to get their daily minimum dose of feline affection. They said the bulk of the customers are women and children. whats up with the guys in Toyko? Afraid to show their softer side?

Digital media is great for many patrons.
I looked up cats and got Cats Cradle by Vonnegut.
(one of my favorite books by my favorite author!!) so I downloaded it.
Now it is great to have audio books so available, but you have to stay near your computer to hear it. and my human likes to listen while driving. I am not sure this would help her any.
Another objection I have is when a human is reading a book, it is a cats duty to push their way between the book and the reader. Sitting in front of the speaker just isn't the same.

And as a farewell note to the 23 Things adventure, I'd like to say thank you.
I never would have created my own blog if you'd not challenged me to do so.
I wouldn't have met so many other bloggers who share common ground with this fabulous feline. In short I would have missed out on a lot of great entertainment and friends.
I appreciate the opportunity.
I enjoyed (it is!!!), reading and adding to WIKI's, creating some fancy stuff in ZOHO and watching all those other puss faces who parade across YouTube.

Its been lots of fun.
And now I am going to really take over this blogger stuff and blaze my cattitude across cyberspace!!!!

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Anonymous said...

It has indeed been a great adventure. I truly enjoyed reading all your posts. Don't forget to check me out every once in awhile.