Monday, June 23, 2008

Zoho story- Cats ARE Special!

Adam said, 'Lord, when I was in the garden, you walked with me every day, but now I don't see you any more. I'm lonely, and it's difficult for me to remember how much you love me.'
And God said, 'No problem! I will create a companion for you who will be with you for ever, and who will be a reflection of my love for you, so that you can remember my love even when you cannot see me. Regardless of how selfish, or childish, or unlovable you may be, this new companion will accept you as you are and will love you as I do, in spite of yourself.'
And God created a new animal to be a companion for Adam. And it was a good animal. And God was pleased. And the new animal was pleased to be with Adam, and he wagged his tail. And Adam said, 'Lord, I have already named all the animals in your Kingdom, and I cannot think of a name for this new one.'
And God said, 'No problem! Because I have created this new animal to be a reflection of my love for you, his name shall be a reflection of my own name: and you will call him DOG.'
And Dog lived with Adam, and was a companion to him, and loved him. And Adam was comforted. And God was pleased. And Dog was content, and wagged his tail.
After a while, it came to pass that Adam's Guardian Angel came to the Lord and said, 'Lord, Adam has become filled with pride. He struts and preens like a peacock, and believes he is worthy of adoration. Dog has taught him that he is loved, but perhaps too well.'
And the Lord said, 'No problem! I will create for him a companion who will be with him for ever, and who will see him as he is. This companion will remind him of his limitations, so he will know that he is not always worthy of adoration.'
And God created CAT to be a companion to Adam. And Cat would not obey Adam. And when Adam gazed into Cat's eyes, he was reminded that he was not the supreme being. And Adam learned humility. And God was pleased.
And Adam was greatly improved. And Dog was happy. And Cat did not give a damn one way or the other.

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Anonymous said...

As a pet lover of long standing, I really enjoyed this. I've had great cats and dogs through the years.
As a child I also wanted a pony, descented skunk, birds, etc. My wise mother told me that when I had my own house I could have all the pets I wanted.
Of course, by the time I had a house, I had a job and other obligations. It turns out that having 3 dogs is plenty to keep me feeling loved and busy.